Published Dec 10, 2018
Author Wendy Pinet

Taking care of ourselves: Putting ourselves first

Did I take a few minutes today to breathe deeply? Did I take the opportunity to express my creativity? Did I laugh wholeheartedly today? Did I drink enough water? Did I rest enough? Did I spend some time with someone that I love dearly today? Did I learn something new?

I know, that’s a lot of questions. But, do we take the time to ask ourselves these questions? And, more importantly, do we meet our basic needs to recharge our batteries?

Wendy Pinet here, registered social worker and today, I will be discussing how you can best prioritize yourself.

This subject is important to me because so many times, we don’t put ourselves first. Often, we’re the last person we think of but we’re also the only person that is guaranteed to be there for ourselves 100% of the time. Therefore, it is important that we take care of ourselves!

Our speed and our priorities

How many of us spend our days on autopilot, rushing to get to work while we are getting the kids to school or daycare, and at the same time checking messages on our phones to prepare for our day? We live on high speed, with more and more tasks on our lists to balance work-family-activities-community-learning, and more!

More often than not, we forget to put ourselves on our list of priorities and exhaustion creeps up on us. We do more and more, but time isn’t getting any longer! That is why it is important to reflect on our priorities. By putting everything on the same level of priority, our load quickly finds itself too heavy and our capacity gets diminished with exhaustion. To put ourselves first in order to take care of ourselves is an investment in ourselves.

Prioritizing ourselves, an amazing investment!

We can think of our time and energy as if it were money. Would we give all of our money to anyone? Or, do we look at our expenses and our income to make sure that everything is balanced, that we have enough money for things that are important to us? We can easily make a habit of doing the same thing for our time and energy. Do we spend our time at the right place? Do we keep enough time to refill on our energy and meet our own needs?

Here are three tricks to take time to prioritize ourselves to fill our ‘wallet’ with energy:

  • Breathe : easy, accessible at all times, and cheap! Taking the time to breathe deeply can save us a lot of heartache. Breathing and being aware of what is happening in our body when we breathe in, feeling our abdomen fill with air… Many breathing techniques exist that we can easily find on the internet.
  • Having fun: making sure that we have done at least one thing in the day that we had fun doing. It can be a few minutes of reading, a short walk to stretch our legs during our break, add a couple pieces to a puzzle, go visit or call a loved one that we miss, take a few minutes to connect with our partner, listen to funny videos on the Internet. No matter what makes you happy, take the time to do it and feel the comfort that it brings you.
  • Making a list of things NOT to do: we often make long unrealistic lists of things to accomplish in a day. Well, I suggest making a list of things that aren’t ours to worry about, that we can say ‘no’ to, that we can delegate, that aren’t urgent, and that aren’t a priority. This list will help lighten our load a little and help us become aware that in the end, everything is not a priority!

There are many other ways to take care of ourselves, but what’s important is to plan out your time, to stick with your plan and to make it a priority! On that note, I wish you a good week and a good investment in yourself! If you’d like more information on what we offer, or if you need help with this, please contact us.